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Japanese takes a lot of Energy

14 Aug

So I’m writing this blog post on my Japanese study, which I feel I have hit a kind of wall with. Since I haven’t posted about it before i’m not entirely sure where to begin with it since I might include some things that I presume you as the reader already know. But up until the last couple of weeks I had been working on Japanese everyday, reviewing the Kanji I had learnt, and adding new ones everyday.

Well recently I feel I have kind of burnt out so to speak and I have fallen back on to just reviewing Kanji, I guess since adding uni work back into the work load my motivation levels for doing Japanese study seems too have dropped pretty dramatically and I’m not sure how I’m going to manage to get back into the flow (Self improvement month?). 

Enough about that.

I also wanted to touch on last weeks post on Khatzumoto’s blog, AJATT. He talks about how you should feel like you’re cheating when your learning Japanese, since all the study your doing should be fun, and that you should feel guilty that you don’t feel like you are doing work. Which is interesting, as I enjoy most of my Japanese study, with the exception of SRS (Spaced Repetition System – See more Here) So maybe I either need to drop my workload from my job a bit, since it is hard to do study after coming home from work, or I could study at a more casual level and hopefully get back into my routine.

Thanks for Reading 🙂