Risky Business

25 Aug

Hello readers! Today I’m going to blog about the risks and benefits of implementing Enterprise 2.0 into your business. Since Enterprise 2.0 has become integrated in most peoples daily lives through the forms of social media such as Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter, it is becoming increasingly important for a business to make the decision of whether or not they would like to integrate Social media and web 2.0 strategies into their business practices.

Since it hasn’t been completely adopted by businesses one could assume that their are some risks attached when implementing the software. When setting up an e-commerce business there are always going to be risks. These can include risks to the business security, and risks to the business’s public image.

This includes significant risks to the security of the business, with the possibility that employees, even if they are bound by contract, will leak confidential business information to the public through the means of Facebook, Twitter, and potentially other social media sources.

Even though there are some significant risks in setting up an e-commerce business, it does not come without having some strong benefits such as attracting attention towards your business as a contributor to the community, and with enough popularity it becomes a form of advertising and reputation that is inherently free, in comparison to traditional methods.

It is incredibly important in this day and age for a business to have control over it’s image through social media, and it is becoming more and more common for a business or corporation to have social media outlets through Twitter, and Facebook to ensure that their image is positive, and that they can continue to monitor and improve upon their current image,


Japanese takes a lot of Energy

14 Aug

So I’m writing this blog post on my Japanese study, which I feel I have hit a kind of wall with. Since I haven’t posted about it before i’m not entirely sure where to begin with it since I might include some things that I presume you as the reader already know. But up until the last couple of weeks I had been working on Japanese everyday, reviewing the Kanji I had learnt, and adding new ones everyday.

Well recently I feel I have kind of burnt out so to speak and I have fallen back on to just reviewing Kanji, I guess since adding uni work back into the work load my motivation levels for doing Japanese study seems too have dropped pretty dramatically and I’m not sure how I’m going to manage to get back into the flow (Self improvement month?). 

Enough about that.

I also wanted to touch on last weeks post on Khatzumoto’s blog, AJATT. He talks about how you should feel like you’re cheating when your learning Japanese, since all the study your doing should be fun, and that you should feel guilty that you don’t feel like you are doing work. Which is interesting, as I enjoy most of my Japanese study, with the exception of SRS (Spaced Repetition System – See more Here) So maybe I either need to drop my workload from my job a bit, since it is hard to do study after coming home from work, or I could study at a more casual level and hopefully get back into my routine.

Thanks for Reading 🙂

Hello world!

7 Aug

Hello Everyone, I am Luke Boettcher and this is my (first) weekly blog post about the enterprise 2.0. Today i guess ill discuss the future layout for my blog on enterprise 2.0, and what i will be blogging about.

The purpose of this blog is to blog about enterprise 2.0, and how it works and interacts with social media.

Since i’ve never blogged before i will be following a set of generic blogging rules that i found on Google (rookie here).

These rules mainly being Fact checking and correct referencing, which is reasonable i guess considering you can blog literally about anything so there cant really be any particularly specific guidelines.

You can see the rules I intend to follow here if you interested: http://blog.sponsoredreviews.com/?p=40

I will be attempting to take a very informal approach to blogging(not sure how it’s working so far) by using Khatzumoto’s Japanese blog to sort of touch base with blogging.

You can find Khatzumoto’s blog here at: http://www.alljapaneseallthetime.com/blog/.

This blog has a very effective layout for it’s readers, whether they joined at a later date (like me) or have been following it since it began. He makes his posts easy to access through a table of contents, a best-of posts sidebar, and often posts emails from his readers as a way to communicate with his readers.  Along with an active comments section, this blog proves to be informative and helpful for his readers.

Since I have been looking to start a blog for a while (a bit lazy) I will be hoping to continue to use this blog post assessment and try to use it as motivational tool and technique to assist in my learning of the Japanese language, hopefully so that I can make note of progress i have made, and to (hopefully) help other learners that are also attempting to learn the language. But first to get some readers I will need to generate some traffic through Google, twitter, even posting links to my blog from Khatzumoto’s should earn me some readers (hopefully).

I guess that’s it for the first blog post here, If anyone has any comments I will try to reply to them.